Solutions for Heat Treating


Premium Heat Treating Services from a Well-Established Provider

If you need a niche provider of heat-treating services, one that has a formidable reputation for quality, speed and competitive pricing, look at Bluewater Thermal. We specialize in providing a range of top-grade heat treating services for customers with aluminum, steel, alloy, or metal parts that require heat treatment in Houston, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ontario. No matter what processes your components need to go through to obtain the durability and corrosion resistance you need, we can get the job done.

Wide Range of Heat Treating Services on Offer

From harden and temper, to carburizing, normalizing, martempering, nitriding, and heat induction treatment, we provide a full spectrum of services that can give your components the characteristics they need for your intended use. We are able to undertake multiple heat treatment processes, and can also provide customized solutions to your requirements.

Heat Treatment Services for a Wide Range of Industries

We work with many sectors, including companies in construction, aviation, energy, medical and automotive industries. If you have parts that would benefit from the advantages that heat treatment can bring, give us a call at (877) 990-0050, and see how we can help.

Harden and Temper Heat Treating
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