Heat treating, brazing, and boronizing solutions
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Solutions for Heat Treating


Casting and Forging Heat Treatments

High volume continuous heat treatment of steel and irons under protective atmosphere to eliminate scale and need for blasting after heat treat.

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Heat Treatments of Gears

Carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding, and hardening of gears.

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Stampings and Fineblankings Heat Treatment

High volume heat treatment of components using either continuous mesh belt furnaces or vertically racked parts in batch furnaces.

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Metal Fastener Heat Treatments

Continuous mesh belt furnaces for small fasteners and vertical racking of longer fasteners and roofing screws with drill drive, breaking torque, and bend test capabilities.

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Aluminum Engine Blocks Heat Treatment

High volume continuous heat treatment with fully automated robotic material handling systems.

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Powdered Metal Components Heat Treatments

Furnace and induction heat treatments of high volume automotive components made from powdered metal.

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Raw Material / Long Length Bar and Tube Heat Treatment

24’ length carbottom furnaces in Houston with water and polymer quench capabilities.

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Induction Services

We have induction capability for gears, sprockets and other components at Ridgway and we can service specific types of components. High volume automated induction for automotive, lawn and garden and consumer products markets.

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Boronizing Heat Treatment for Extreme Wear Resistance

Diffusion of boron into component surfaces for extreme wear resistance in abrasive or erosive operating conditions.

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Vacuum Heat Treatment of Steel

Vacuum heat treatment of steel with gas quenching to reduce distortion and keep parts bright.

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Stainless Steel Bright Annealing in Continuous Furnaces

High volume continuous furnaces for bright annealing and passivating of stainless steel components.

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NADCAP Accredited Heat Treatment

Our South Bend, Indiana, location has NADCAP accreditation to perform heat treatment for the aerospace industry.

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Avoid Distortion During Heat Treatment

Our processes are designed to minimize distortion in addition to meeting all the required mechanical properties needed.

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Furnace Brazing Services

High volume continuous mesh belt brazing and joining of automotive components.

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Learn more about Boronized Tubing

As oil production becomes more challenging, operators are demanding creative solutions for reducing operating costs and increasing well productivity and uptime. BOR-1CR boronized tubing extends well string life by reducing the frequency of tubing failures.

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