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Heat Treatment for Power Generation


Materials and processes to withstand harsh environments in energy exploration, refinement, generation, and distribution.

Heat Treatment for Aircraft Parts


Material solutions for titanium, aluminum, nickel-based superalloys, and aerospace brazing needs.

Heat Treatment for Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Customized heat treatments and coatings for construction, mining, earthmoving, and lawn & garden equipment.

Heat Treatment for Automotive Parts


Advanced manufacturing solutions for strict automotive requirements.

Heat Treatment for Agricultural Equipment


Heat treatments and protective coatings for equipment used to till, cultivate, plant, and harvest agricultural fields.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Truck

Heat treatment processes to strengthen components used in heavy truck and transportation vehicles.

    Who We Are

    One of the Leading Heat Treating Steel Companies in North America

    Making sure that the materials you use to make your products are durable enough to cope with the challenging conditions they will used in is a priority for manufacturers. If you create machinery for the aviation industry, oil refining, mining, agriculture, automotive, or heavy industry specialist heat treating services are a key part of the production process.

    Normalized Heat Treatment Supplier and a Range of Other Options

    We understand that every customer has specific requirements for their products, which is why we offer a wide-range of options that can be tailored to meet the particular needs of your business. From solution heat treatment, to annealing, nitriding, martempering and many more options, we provide a comprehensive list of services that can be combined to provide a perfect process for your components.

    Dependable, Competitively Priced Furnace Brazing

    Cost is always a key consideration for our customers, which is why we do everything we possibly can to keep prices low. At the same time we strive to deliver exceptional products that meet all your performance-testing targets. Quality, and safety, are at the heart of what we do; we have invested heavily in cutting-edge equipment, enabling us to provide high-grade boronizing, as well as many other processes.

    Induction Hardening Companies Can Offer Responsive Service

    We are aware of the challenges that our customers face and do everything that we can to provide a flexible, responsive service that is tailored to meet your schedule, and your budget. To find out more about what we can offer, including our annealing stainless steel options, call us at (877) 990-0050.

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    What We Do

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    Heat Treating

    We offer a wide array of heat treating processes at 12 different locations in North America.

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    We have extensive experience in assembly and furnace brazing of engineered components.

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    Our coating processes are used to increase wear resistance and hardness of components that operate in abrasive and erosive environments.

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    Harden and Temper Heat Treating
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