Value Added Services

gear heat treatments


Bluewater often will assemble multiple components together into an assembly, particularly prior to a brazing operation.
distortion control during heat treatment

Clamp Tempering / Press Temper

Clamp tempering / Press temper is often performed to flatten thin plates and stampings after heat treatment to remove distortion and out of flat conditions caused by heat treatment.
Thermal Treatment Services

Component Procurement

Bluewater will procure components for customer brazing projects where multiple components are brazed together into an assembly.
Gear Heat Treating


Bluewater can provide deburring services at some locations.
Heat Treatment Services for Gears


Bluewater can perform abrasive blasting at some locations to clean parts after heat treatment. Sand blasting, steel shot blasting, glass bead blasting, and vibratory tumble blast are possible.
induction hardening service in PA


Bluewater can perform or outsource components for grinding after heat treatment.
Casting Heat Treatment


Machining can be subcontracted from Bluewater Thermal Solutions when necessary after heat treatment.
induction hardening service near me

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Bluewater can perform magnetic particle inspection at our Ridgway, PA location. This is often performed after induction hardening operations. Our other locations are able to outsource this inspection.
Heat Treatment for Stampings

Metallurgical Laboratory Testing

Most Bluewater locations are equipped with a full service metallurgical laboratory.
Brazing Steel

Platings and Coatings

Plating and coatings that are required after heat treatment may be subcontracted by Bluewater in order to offer this service to our customers and allow for one stop shopping.
induction heat treatment


Custom packaging is available from Bluewater upon request.
bluewater thermal solutions

Parts Washing

Parts washing to remove residues, contaminants, grease, oil and debris are available prior to and after heat treatment at many facilities.
Metal Processing Solutions


Passivation of stainless steel is available at our Chicago Plant 2 location to help restore the corrosion resistance of stainless steel components.
induction  heat treatment

Rust Preventative

Rust preventive fluids and packaging are frequently employed after heat treatment to avoid corrosion.
ferritic nitrocarburizing services


Straightening after heat treatment is performed to restore a component's required dimensional tolerances and reduce post-heat treat machining requirements.
Heavy Trucks


Bluewater operates a fleet of delivery vehicles from many locations to perform pick up and delivery of customer product from their location.
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