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Specialized Heat Treating Equipment

Bluewater Thermal Solutions offers many specialized types of heat treatment, brazings and coatings and therefore needs to have unique pieces of equipment in order to offer these processes. Bluewater operates many standard types of furnaces including batch, integral, quench, and atmosphere furnaces, continuous mesh belt atmosphere furnaces, nitriders, salt pot, and vacuum furnaces at many of our sites.

Unique Capabilities

  • Large roller hearth furnaces with protective atmospheres for handling millions of pounds of castings and forgings each year
  • Large aluminum solution treatment and aging furnaces with robotic material handling for automated heat treatment of automotive engine blocks
  • Long carbottom furnaces capable of processing 24 foot long bars and tubes for the oil and gas industry in Houston, TX
  • Powdered metal heat treating furnaces suited for the challenges of processing P/M parts
  • Induction hardening equipment for powdered metal gears and sprockets
  • Boriding/Boronizing furnaces
  • Tuff-Kote coating applicators and sintering furnaces
  • Mesh belt atmosphere brazing furnaces designed to handle high volume automotive components

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