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Induction Hardening Applications

A type of heat treatment utilized to harden a metal part through the process of localized heating is referred to as induction hardening. In this process, certain parts of a metal are heated up, while others remain unheated. The process...

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Vacuum Brazing Aluminum - Features and Advantages

The process of vacuum brazing is used extensively as a method of joining for aluminum and other alloys. Some of the benefits that are provided by means of vacuum brazing aluminum services include the joining of materials that have different...

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Annealing Heat Treatment Services and Stainless Steel

The process by which steel can be structurally softened is known as annealing heat treatment. At Bluewater Thermal, we offer exceptional quality quenching heat treatment solutions for different applications. The Process of Annealing Various...

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Heat Treating Services near Houston

Heat treating is carried out through a process that modifies the microstructure of metals and alloys such as aluminum and steel. The purpose of this process is to add properties that enhance the capabilities and operational life of a...

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Quenching Heat Treatment Services and Benefits

Also referred to as martempering, marquenching is an easy, convenient tool for minimizing distortion in components that require hardening. Most hardening operations are carried out in the conventional manner of heating of parts to...

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Advantages of Quenching Heat Treatment Services

Marquenching, also called martempering, is a convenient and easy tool for keeping distortion in parts and components that require hardening to a minimum. The majority of hardening operations performed in the conventional manner involves...

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A Premier Metal Heat Treating Company Serving Pennsylvania

Our team of professionals at Bluewater Thermal provides a powerful array of metal heat treating services that are competitively priced, high quality, and delivered with the fast turnaround speed you need. We are a trusted provider among...

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Various Heat Treating Services Offered by Bluewater Thermal in Pennsylvania

Heat treating is performed by control process that modifies the microstructure of metals and alloys the purpose of adding properties that improve the operating life of the component or part. The advantages obtained through this process...

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A Leader Among Metal Heat Treating Companies Serving Illinois

If you are in search of an experienced provider of metal heat treating, look no further than our team at Bluewater Thermal. When it comes to quality, competitive pricing, and speed, we are a premier provider among metal heat treating...

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