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Heat Treatment of Gears from a Premier Source

At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we provide a range of heat treating services to our customers, delivering quality, speed, and competitive pricing. We serve our customers with high-value services in treating aluminum, steel, alloy, parts. No...

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Brazing Aluminum: History and Facts

Brazing is a craft dating back to the ancient Egyptians. By 2975 BC, basic brazing processing techniques had begun to develop. The Sumerians, Greeks, and Romans also adopted and improved methods. Even the Europeans during the Middle Ages...

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Heat Treating Services at Bluewater Thermal Solutions

One of the many advantages we offer our customers is the ability to perform the heat treating services that are an ideal match for what is required for a given project. This can include full-surface heat treatment methods, as well as...

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The Benefits of Using Bluewater Thermal Solutions for Induction Hardening

There are many different companies, both large and small, offering heat treating services to OEMs across the country. While often the basics of the processes are the same, there are some very important factors that make Bluewater Thermal...

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Get Superior Results with Bluewater Thermal Solutions’ Furnace Brazing

At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we work with OEMs from around the world to create high-quality brazed parts. For many of our customers, the best option for production of brazed parts is through our atmosphere mesh belt brazing process. This...

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Considerations When Choosing Vacuum Heat Treatment Services

At Bluewater Thermal, we offer a full-range of heat treatments service to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers across North America. We are able to offer everything from induction hardening to vacuum heat treatment...

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The Advantages of Choosing Bluewater Thermal for Stress Relieving Steel

As the second largest industrial and commercial heat treatment company in the United States, Bluewater Thermal has developed a solid reputation for customer service throughout our processes to meet –and even exceed-- the expectations...

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Experience and Expertise In Annealing Heat Treatment

There are many different choices in companies who can provide annealing heat treatment services. At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we offer experience, expertise, and specializations in being able to produce quality parts and components...

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Critical Aspects of Our Brazing Aluminum Services

At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, brazing aluminum is one of the specialized services we offer. This is a highly effective option in creating strong, durable joints in aluminum, or when joining aluminum and another metal or alloy. This is a...

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Reasons For Stress Relieving Steel Components

While steel parts are ideal for many designs, it does present challenges. One issue that needs to be addressed in the manufacturing process is the stress relieving steel after it has been worked. Processes such as hot rolling, grinding,...

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The Difference Experience Makes In Heat Treating Companies

Heat treatment far from a new process. However, heat treatment today is more advanced than ever, allowing for precision control of the process through technology and automated systems that were not possible even a few decades ago....

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Saving Money With Bluewater Thermal’s Brazing Aluminum Services

At BluewaterThermal, we provide heat treating services for all types of metals and alloys. We are capable of working with a diverse range of metals components as a trusted provider clients across North America. With locations in South...

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The Advantages of Normalizing Heat Treatment of Parts

One of the many services we offer our customers at Bluewater Thermal Solutions is the option to discuss the specific treatment option that will best suit each part, based on material, as well as the intended use of a specific component....

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Trained and Educated In Heat Treating Services

The heat treatment of metals –both ferrous and non-ferrous– requires skill that can only come from extensive training and education. At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we employ a highly educated staff that understands the various...

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The Differences in Heat Treating Companies

At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, our focus is on providing commercial heat treating and brazing services for our customers across North America. Our highly experienced staff has years of experience in working with heat treating processes. We...

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Toxic Substances Reduction Plan Summary

Read the B&W heat treating Canada toxic substances reductions plan summary. Click to download and read the entire report.

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Bluewater Thermal Solutions Receives State Award for Outstanding Safety and Health Record

Bluewater Thermal Solutions located in Coldwater, Michigan, received the CET Bronze Award for an outstanding safety and health record from the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA). The MIOSHA program is part of...

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Bluewater Thermal Solutions Acquires Southwest Heat Treat and Texas Energy Labs in Houston, TX

Bluewater, the largest North American based thermal processing provider, announced today that it has acquired Southwest Heat Treat and Texas Energy Labs located in Houston, Texas. Bluewater’s management team partnered with Aterian...

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