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Heat Treating Services in Ontario

Specialized Heat Treating Services in Ontario

As a North American company with headquarters in the United States, Bluewater Thermal Solutions is proud to have a plant located in Ontario, Canada that offers a range of specialized heat treating services for OEMs in the area.

Located in Kitchener, this plant caters to both industrial parts and components manufacturers, as well as the automotive industry. As one of the few metal heat treating companies in the area offering a full-range of services, we are able to work directly with our customers to ensure the quality, precision and thermal processing options that they require.

Having metal heat treating companies in the area is a great benefit to local OEMs. It reduces turnaround time from order to delivery, while also helping to reduce logistics costs and develop strong working relationships between our facility and your company.

Services Offered

For the automotive industry, we provide aluminum casting heat treatments. We are experienced in working with engine blocks, and also provide this service at several of our US locations.

Our Ontario plant also offers batch heat treatment options, and provides a high level of quality control for all thermal processes, while also reducing processing time. Our continuous mesh belt processes, as well as salt bath heat treatments, are also among the specialized services offered in Ontario.

We are fully ISO 9001 certified, and our extensive experience providing heat treating services to OEMs across North America sets us apart from other metal heat treating companies. To find out more about the services we provide in the Kitchener area, call us at 519-748-5284.

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