Michigan Heat Treating Services

What to Expect from Our Michigan Heat Treating Services

With facilities in Benton Harbor, Coldwater and Saginaw, Michigan, Bluewater Thermal offers a full range of heat treating services for customers in the state as well as in neighboring states.

Our business model includes focusing our heat treating services in the location where they are most needed. This allows us to reduce the logistics and supply chain complications for our customers, while also ensuring short turnaround times and prompt delivery to meet our customer's production schedules.

Each of our metal heat treating companies in the state offers specialized services that are uniquely selected to address the needs of our customer base.


Close to major automotive production facilities, our Saginaw location specializes in solution treatment and aging for aluminum casings. This includes a large number of customers in the automotive industry, and specifically for the processing of engine blocks.


With the major industrial processors in the area, our facility offers furnace brazing aluminum using a continuous mesh belt for high volume production. We also offer brazing and annealing of stainless steel and carbon steels, and a full line of secondary value-added processes such as welding, plating, assembly, and testing.

Benton Harbor

The Benton Harbor location also provides continuous mesh belt furnace brazing aluminum as well as batch processing for orders. In addition, the location also provides a full range of heat treating services including hardening, nitriding, annealing, stress relief, carburizing, carbonitriding and aging.

To find out more about the services at our Michigan locations, call us at 877-990-0050.

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