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Stampings and Fineblankings Heat Treatment

Bluewater performs heat treatment of stampings and fineblankings for a variety of different equipment. Capable of handling both large and small stamping and fineblanking projects, Bluewater uses batch furnaces as well as continuous mesh belt furnaces to ensure the quality and size of the amount are never compromised.

Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Hardening, and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing for Stampings and Fineblankings

Most stampings and fineblankings are plain carbon or alloy steel and require processes such as carburizing, carbonitriding, hardening or ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC). Hot oil quenching and marquenching salts are available at some Bluewater locations to further assist in preventing stampings and fineblankings from distorting during quenching.

Bluewater specializes in heat treating stampings and fineblankings used in seating components along with clutches and transmissions for vehicles.

Bluewater has laboratories capable of inspecting stampings and fineblankings for surface hardness, core hardness, and case depth for case hardening processes after heat treatment. Since these components are usually cost sensitive items to the automotive industry, Bluewater's technicians work with customers to determine the most economical solutions to perform heat treating of stampings and fineblankings.

About the Process

Heat treating in batch furnaces usually consists of racking parts on edge in baskets or hanging vertically on rods with spacers between the stampings and fineblankings to minimize distortion and warping. Many parts have flatness requirements and clamp tempering and slide gage sorting for flatness are available and performed routinely. 

 Batch furnaces are generally used for larger stampings that need to be individually vertically racked in order to prevent distortion and warping during heat treatment or to create spacing between parts during heat treatment to prevent masking or improve the uniformity of results.

Continuous mesh belt furnaces are often used for smaller stampings and fineblankings which can be heat treated in bulk for parts that are not distortion prone and may be in contact with each other during the process and still meet customer specifications.

Heat treating in belt furnaces is performed using automated loading systems to create uniform loading of the belts and ensure each part meets all metallurgical requirements after processing. Belt processing is the most economical method to perform heat treatment of stampings and fineblankings as it requires minimal labor and high volume quantities may be efficiently processed in this manner.

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