Metal Heat Treating Solutions
Normalizing Heat Treating Services
Normalizing Heat Treating Services

Heat Treatment of Castings for Pump Housings, Turbochargers, and Valve Bodies

Bluewater performs heat treatments on castings that have internal passageways such as valve bodies or pump housings for the oil and gas industry or turbocharger housings for heavy equipment or automotive engines. These particular castings have internal passageways that would be difficult to blast clean after processing since they are shielded from sight and cannot be directly blasted.

By filling the heat treatment furnaces with inert protective atmospheres, it removes all of the oxygen from the furnace such that metal parts can be heated without oxidation or scale forming on the surfaces of the parts. The parts can then be normalized, annealed or stress relieved under atmosphere without oxidation or scale forming and this eliminates the need to blast the parts after heat treatment as the surfaces remain free of scale. This eliminates what would be a difficult to perform extra operation and saves time and money. Bluewater also uses very large continuous furnaces that are capable of processing high-volume truckload quantities of castings and forgings in order to meet demand and provide a low-cost solution to the customer for heat treatment.\

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