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Various Heat Treating Services Offered by Bluewater Thermal in Pennsylvania

Heat treating is performed by control process that modifies the microstructure of metals and alloys the purpose of adding properties that improve the operating life of the component or part. The advantages obtained through this process include enhanced temperature resistance, strength, ductility, and hardness. When it comes to heat treating services we offer at Bluewater Thermal, Illinois companies can take advantage of annealing, tempering, solution and aging treatment, case hardening, and normalizing.

Some of the heat treating solutions we offer include:

Stress Relieving

Certain processes such as rolling, welding, grinding, pending, stamping, and quenching can impose additional stresses into the structure of a metal component. One of the heat treating services referred to as stress relieving relieves residual stresses produced from one or more of these manufacturing operations.

Hardening and Tempering

At Bluewater Thermal, we employ an extensive range of heat treatment techniques that facilitate an increase in the strength, hardness, and fatigue life of metal components.


The goal of austempering is to form a bainite structure. This is done through the isothermal transformation of a ferrous alloy at a temperature higher than that of martensite formation and below that of pearlite formation. During austempering, the bainite structure formed provides a number of potential benefits that include:

  • Enhanced toughness, strength, and ductility at a given hardness
  • Decreased distortion, reducing subsequent machining time, sorting, inspection, stock removal, and scrap.


Nitrogen atoms are dispersed into the surface of ferrous materials at subcritical temperatures through the surface hardening process referred to as nitriding. The nitrogen atoms react with the base metal to develop a hard, fatigue and wear resistant nitrided case under the surface. Nitriding is an excellent choice for precision parts due to the combination of minimal distortion, subcritical temperatures, and protective atmospheres.

Annealing Heat Treating

Two phases encompass our process for annealing stainless steel. Initially, crystal defects that cause internal stresses are removed from the metal through softening process. Then, a process involving the nucleation and growth of strain free grains is carried out under precise settings.

At Bluewater Thermal, we offer heat treating services that meet the needs of multiple industries, including aviation, construction, automotive, and medical. For more information about how we can provide heat treatment solutions for your project or application, call us today at 877.990.0050.