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Trained and Educated In Heat Treating Services

The heat treatment of metals –both ferrous and non-ferrous– requires skill that can only come from extensive training and education. At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we employ a highly educated staff that understands the various changing parameters of our heat treating services, particularly the variables involved in the control constraints of our furnaces.

What this Requires

It is very important that all members of the operating terms understand the specific variable factors in heat-treating furnace controls. For any company to successfully replicate the results flawlessly, and quickly, requires the ability to comprehend such relevant factors as:

  • Atmosphere process control
  • Vacuum technology
  • Temperature factors, e.g.: control, process uniformity, and accuracy
  • Cycle time
  • Surface and core hardness
  • Mechanical properties, e.g.: tensile and impact strength

For the heat treatment operation to be repetitive, competitive and successful, it is a prerequisite that staff be trained and knowledgeable in the various heat treating services they are tasked in performing.

An educated workforce not only knows these essential factors, but also can operate closely within the boundaries of customer specifications to ensure the products are:

  • Metallurgically sound
  • Receive the correct thermal treatment
  • Indicate the soundness of repeatability
  • Illustrate the fruits of innovative and creative techniques
  • Exemplify the latest and most compatible technological advances
  • Demonstrate the company’s ability to deliver components on time and according to specifications

Finding Innovative, Highly Functional Heat Treating Solutions

At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we offer our customers consistently high-quality products and excellent customer service. After more than 20 years of operation, we have come to realize the importance of using the latest in technology.

Because of our intent to ensure our customers receive the best heat treating solutions, we invest not only in technology but in our staff. The results are obvious. We have a committed, dedicated staff with the experience and knowledge to ensure Bluewater remains highly successful in its field.