Quenching Heat Treatment Services and Benefits

May 31, 2019 | Technical Articles

Also referred to as martempering, marquenching is an easy, convenient tool for minimizing distortion in components that require hardening. Most hardening operations are carried out in the conventional manner of heating parts to temperatures greater than their austenitizing temperature, with subsequent quenching into agitated oil, water, or polymer baths in the temperature range of 225 to 275°F. If placed in the salt bath for quenching, the temperature of the media may reach between 300 to 400°F. Bluewater Thermal provides high-quality quenching heat treatment services for various industrial applications.

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Marquenching Services

The results of this marquenching procedure include reduced thermal stress cracking and decreased residual stress in the quenched part section for parts having different geometries, sizes, or weights.

The marquenching processes often applied to alloy steels. If a steel grade responds positively to oil quenching, it will likely respond positively to marquenching for the goal of achieving similar physical properties.

Reducing Metal Part Distortion

Slower and more-even cooling of components can be achieved with the use of higher temperatures in the quenching heat treatment process. The process also facilitates a more even transformation during hardening. The reason is that the surface and the core of the component are transformed at the same time rather than the thicker sections and the core transforming later on.

Long, thin shafts or thin stampings are often subjected to the process of marquenching for hardening in order to ensure these parts are kept straighter and flatter, which is possible when using a conventional cold oil quench. Time-consuming processes such as clamp tempering or straightening may be eliminated through the use of marquenching.

Product Applications

The marquenching method is highly useful for parts that cannot handle conventional quenching and maintain necessary dimensional tolerances. These parts can include pins, shafts, bearings, stampings, punches, lawnmower blades, and crankshafts.

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