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February 01, 2019 | Technical Articles

If you are in search of an experienced provider of metal heat treating, look no further than our team at Bluewater Thermal. When it comes to quality, competitive pricing, and speed, we are a premier provider among metal heat treating companies. Illinois businesses can benefit greatly from the extensive capabilities we offer in metal heat treatment services.

If you operate in the manufacturing arena, it is vital to ensure the materials you use have the necessary durability to perform in certain challenging service conditions. Specialized heat treating services are a crucial component of the production processes in a range of industries, including construction, oil and gas, agriculture, heavy equipment, aviation, heavy trucking, automotive, and mining.

Heat Treating Services

The requirements among customers vary when it comes to the heat treating of their products. For this reason, we provide various options that can be customized to the particular requirements of your applications. At Bluewater Thermal, we offer a trusted provider among metal heat treating companies, offering a broad range of services that are highly effective in the heat treatment of equipment and machinery components. These include heat treatment, nitriding, annealing, normalizing, induction hardening, martempering, neutral hardening, boronizing, carbonitriding, carburizing, brazing, nitrocarburizing, and more.

Fast Turnarounds

From our many years of experience, we understand the tight deadlines and schedules our customers must meet on a consistent basis. Our team is able to provide the flexibility you need to provide short turnaround times, shipping your parts and components when they are completed.

Competitively Priced

A key factor that our customers consider when it comes to metal heat treating is cost. As a leader among metal heat treating companies, we work to keep our prices as low as possible while also working hard to provide the exceptional products and results necessary to fulfill your specific requirements in terms of quality and performance.

Serving Numerous Industries

Our services cover many industry sectors, including energy, aviation, automotive, medical, and construction. If you need metal heat treating services for equipment parts in your industrial processes, call our team today at 877.990.0050 to learn about our various solutions.

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Bluewater Thermal Solutions specializes in all types of heat treating processes, including brazing, nitriding, boronizing, carbonitriding & carburizing, and more. We offer a wide array of heat treating and boronizing processes at 11 different locations. To find out how we can serve your induction hardening needs, call us today at 877.990.0050 or request a quote on our website for services.

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