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Metal Fastener Heat Treatments

Specializing in the heat treatment of fasteners, Bluewater designed their processes to have controlled loading using dedicated racks for batch furnaces or automated loading systems with metering equipment on belt furnaces to achieve consistent heating and quenching of all parts to ensure uniformity of results. Statistical capability studies are performed over time to monitor the processing parameters and results. 

All Bluewater locations have a metallurgical laboratory for inspection of surface hardness, core hardness, case depth, and microstructure of fasteners.  

Bluewater is capable of performing breaking torque, bend testing, and drill-drive testing of fasteners.

About the Heat Treatment Process

Bluewater has continuous mesh belt furnaces at several locations for bulk heat treatment of small fasteners. Fasteners that are 6” or longer are hung vertically in racks and processed in batch furnaces to maintain better straightness down the length of a screw. Carburizing, carbonitriding and neutral hardening are all performed on various different types of screws, bolts, washers, nuts, and nails made from plain carbon and alloy steels. Vacuum hardening and passivation of stainless steel fasteners is also performed at some locations. 

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