Heat Treating Services at Bluewater Thermal Solutions

July 18, 2018 | Technical Articles

Heat Treating Services at Bluewater Thermal Solutions


One of the many advantages we offer our customers is the ability to perform the heat treating services that are an ideal match for what is required for a given project. This can include full-surface heat treatment methods, as well as induction heat treating to harden only the required locations on the surface of a part.

Our engineering team can work with your in-house design and engineering team to develop the best and most cost-effective heat treating services based on the specifics of the part or component. We can also analyze options and provide data to allow OEMs to make informed decisions on the most effective processes.

There are some heat-treating options which are more commonly used than others. This will vary by industry as well as by specific type of system, machine or device which will ultimately be built using the specific part or component.

Hardening and Tempering Services

The hardening of steels and irons involves heating a material to a temperature above its austenitizing temperature, which converts the material structure to austenite. After the material has been fully transformed to austenite, it is rapidly quenched to transform the material structure to martensite, which increases the hardness and strength of the material to the highest possible level.

After quenching, the material is tempered down to the desired final hardness and strength level by re-heating to a lower sub-critical temperature, which substantially increases ductility and toughness as the hardness and strength are gradually reduced.

Open fire hardening is performed in air atmosphere furnaces where carbon can exit the material’s surface by reacting with air, causing surface decarburization. This is often performed on raw materials or rough parts where all surfaces will be ground or machined after hardening, which will remove the decarburized surface layer.

Carbonitriding & Carburizing Services

Carburizing is a case hardening process in which a metal part or component of low carbon content is heated in a carbon-rich gas atmosphere. This allows for diffusion of carbon atoms directly into the surface of the part that needs to be case hardened.

Higher temperatures, longer carburizing cycle times, and higher carbon potentials will increase the amount of carbon diffused into the surface and the depth of the case. The hardening of both case and core material does not actually occur until the metal is rapidly quenched.

Annealing Services

Annealing is a carefully controlled heating and cooling process to change the microstructure of the metal and produce the desired characteristics. Annealing is often used to make metal softer, or to increase the ability to machine a metal. It can also be used to enhance the electrical conductivity of an alloy.

Within the general category of annealing, normalizing, and stress relieving are also popular and common heat treating services across many industries and for many different applications.

Induction Hardening Services

The induction hardening process allows for specific areas of the surface of the part, or the entire part, to undergo surface hardening to a very precise depth. This is ideal for parts requiring very hard exterior surface areas to prevent wear and tear.

We also offer a full range of other options, including carburizing, age hardening, FNC, and ANC, as well as boronizing, nitriding, and martempering heat treatments.

Brazing Services

To discuss your heat treating needs or to find out more about our capacities and industry solutions, give us a call at 877.990.0050.

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