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The Advantages of Choosing Bluewater Thermal for Stress Relieving Steel

As the second largest industrial and commercial heat treatment company in the United States, Bluewater Thermal has developed a solid reputation for customer service throughout our processes to meet –and even exceed-- the expectations of our customers.

We work with large and small OEMs throughout the United States and Canada. We have the capacity, equipment, facilities and expertise to be able to provide all types of heat treatments as well as processes for stress relieving steel for large volume, ongoing and one-off orders for our customers.

Our Expertise

With over 2000 customers across many industries, from automotive manufacturers to medical device and equipment companies, we have the expertise to get the job done correctly.

We have multiple locations across the country, with each facility specializing in different heat treatment and brazing solutions. This allows your stress relieving steel order to be handled by the facility with the expertise and production capability to ensure your order is completed to your standards, and with on-time delivery of the final product.

Benefits to You

Customers requiring stress relieving steel processes will find we can stress relieve hardened and tempered parts, welded parts, or parts that have been machined. This process is typically completed after the rough part formation and machining, but prior to finishing processes. This allows any distortion in the part to be eliminated, allowing for the final finishing work.

We will carefully consider all relevant factors to the process including the correct temperature, the desired holding time, and the cooling period. We use precision methods to carefully monitor, track, and analyze the process, ensuring the final product meets the quality control standards for our company, as well as for our customers.

To discuss your commercial heat treatment needs, give us call today at 877-990-0050. We can discuss options and help you to find the most cost-effective process for the best results.