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Bluewater Heat Treating
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Heat Treatment Services for Gears

Strategic Partnership to Provide Dedicated Gear Heat Treating Capacity

Bluewater engaged in a strategic partnership with a European gear manufacturer who recently opened up their first new gear manufacturing site in the U.S. This gear maker is providing gears for engines to a major OEM heavy truck manufacturer. These gears are a large volume production job that require the full capacity of two batch integral quench carburizing furnaces. Bluewater purchased, installed and now operates two carburizing furnaces that are solely dedicated to carburizing these gears along with two dedicated blasting machines with tree fixtures specifically designed to blast these gears efficiently.

The customer enjoys the benefits of having dedicated capacity with new state-of-the-art furnaces similar to a captive heat treating shop and did not have to make the investment into purchasing their own furnaces, hiring heat treat personnel and learning how to perform heat treatment. They were also able to take advantage of Bluewater’s knowledge and experience in the field of gear heat treatment.

It also allowed this customer to avoid adding heat treating furnaces that produce soot and smoke into their clean gear manufacturing location. Another benefit of this arrangement was their ability to take advantage of Bluewater’s existing metallurgical laboratory for testing and inspection of the gears after heat treatment.