Bluewater Southwest Heat Treating plant

Bluewater Thermal Solutions’ Southwest Heat Treat plant achieves ISO 9001 Certification

April 15, 2014 | News and Events


Houston, TX –Bluewater Thermal Solutions announced the company’s Southwest Heat Treat facility located in Houston, TX has achieved ISO 9001 certification. The Houston plant was acquired by Bluewater in December 2012 to enhance its energy industry service offerings and to expand the company’s geographic footprint to support its customer base.

The facility received its certification in April 2014, with a ceremony which is to be attended by many of the company’s key leadership, as well as distinguished guests from a range of regional oil and gas industry participants.

Bluewater is a leading provider of heat treating services and solutions to a number of North American manufacturing industries. The company provides a range of metallurgical heat-treating processes in which metal parts are exposed to precise temperatures, atmospheres, quenchants, and other conditions to improve their mechanical properties, durability, and wear resistance. Bluewater has locations in Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Canada. From these locations, Bluewater services over 2,000 unique customers in the automotive, heavy truck, aerospace, construction, agriculture and energy industries.

Jeff Hemmer, Chief Operating Officer of Bluewater, commented: “This has been a critical initiative for our facility and is a testament to the processes and procedures the Southwest Heat Treat team has implemented since Bluewater acquired the facility in 2012.  Obtaining our ISO 9001 certification provides our current and future customers with greater visibility into the capabilities of the plant and demonstrates Bluewater’s ongoing commitment to continuing to provide its customer base with the highest quality thermal processing services and market-leading turnaround times. ”

Ilya Soroka, Regional Operations Manager for Bluewater, added: “The presence of an ISO 9001 accredited facility enables companies in the oil and gas industry to access the highest quality heat treatment services in the region. We look forward to continuing to provide our existing customer base with a compelling value proposition and to establishing new relationships in the Houston market as we further enhance our thermal processing capabilities in the very near future.”

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About Bluewater Thermal Solutions
Bluewater Thermal Solutions owns a multi-state network of commercial heat treatment and brazing plants. With 12 locations in the northern US and Canada, Bluewater provides thermal processing and metal joining to over 2,000 customers. Bluewater processes components to stringent engineering specifications for the auto, truck, aerospace, oil and gas, construction & agriculture equipment end markets. Bluewater’s staff is the most experienced in the heat treating and brazing industry. Providing solutions to our customers is where Bluewater excels. Technical and economic challenges are welcome and are viewed as opportunities to utilize innovative heat treating and metal joining techniques to provide required component performance at a competitive cost. 

In addition to complying with OSHA's safety standards and protocols, Bluewater Thermal Solutions has received various awards and positive ratings from organizations that reward manufacturing safety.

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