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Saving Money With Bluewater Thermal’s Brazing Aluminum Services

At BluewaterThermal, we provide heat treating services for all types of metals and alloys. We are capable of working with a diverse range of metals components as a trusted provider clients across North America.

With locations in South Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan and in Ontario, Canada, we offer specialized heat treatment and brazing services for both small and large volume orders. We are also able to take on both single and ongoing production orders.

One of the areas we specialize in is brazing aluminum. The choice of brazing to join two pieces of aluminum or aluminum to another metal is not only an effective option with regards to joint strength, but it is also cost-effective.

Automated Systems

One of the reasons we can assist our customers in reducing the cost per unit for heat treatment is the use of our advanced automated systems. On our brazing aluminum lines, we provide continuous mesh belt brazing in many of our locations, which provides precise, controlled, and continual brazing services.

The use of the automated systems greatly reduces our downtime between orders. Additionally, with precision control in both assembly, as well as brazing, there is no waste, which also helps to reduce the cost of production. Automation also provides precision in everything from the application of the paste to the precise temperature at each location along the line.

Each one of our projects is carefully planned by our engineering team. This ensures that each component is treated with the braze filler metal. We also provide precise heating based on the size of the part and the metals involved in the brazing requirements.

Finally, we carefully design every stage on the line including the preparation of the part through to the cooling process based on the unique features of the parts and components. This takes all of the risks of human error, or from deviations from the required processes, so each part produced meets your standards for brazing aluminum.

To learn more about the Bluewater Thermal Solutions difference and how we can save you money, call us at 877-990-0050.