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Partnership with a Major Fastener Manufacturer to Provide Dedicated Capacity

Bluewater entered into a strategic partnership with a major fastener manufacturer and has installed dedicated furnaces for fastener heat treatments at the Benton Harbor, MI location. This fastener manufacturer was rapidly growing and experiencing service and turnaround issues using another local commercial heat treater with a traditional vendor-supplier relationship. Bluewater and the customer agreed to create a partnership where Bluewater would install and provide dedicated furnace capacity for the heat treatment of their fasteners. This arrangement would allow the customer to avoid having to compete with other customers for furnace time at a commercial heat treating shop.

Bluewater also built a second metallurgical laboratory designed for inspection of fasteners within the Benton Harbor facility that is dedicated to this customer’s work. Bluewater purchased a small abrasive cut-off saw, a fully automated microhardness tester, a breaking torque test unit, bend test measuring equipment, and a drill drive test stand that are all specifically designed to efficiently inspect fasteners after heat treatment. Both batch furnace and continuous mesh belt furnace processing are being performed in this partnership arrangement such that several different types and lengths of fastener can be processed. Bluewater’s metallurgical and operations staff worked closely with the customer during the project start up to develop processes that meet all of the customer’s requirements and develop all of the inspection and testing protocols.