Heat Treatments of Gears

Bluewater provides heat treatment services for metal gears at our multi-state network of processing plants. Carburizing, carbonitriding, gas nitriding, and hardening are the most common processes performed. Batch heat treating furnaces are typically employed with the gears being racked on custom fixturing to prevent any damage to the teeth and ensure uniform heat treating on all surfaces.

Bluewater also recommends and performs normalizing treatments to gear blanks or rough machined gears to remove any residual stresses prior to final machining and heat treatment in order to further reduce distortion and dimensional change.

Processing parameters are carefully chosen to meet hardness, case depth, and microstructural requirements. Gears are often inspected in multiple locations such as the gear tooth mid-pitch, root and tooth tip locations and often customers will require different specifications be met at each of those locations. Blasting is often performed after heat treatment to clean the gears prior to shipment back to the customer.

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