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Low Temperature Processes to Reduce Distortion

Some components have geometries that simply do not lend themselves well to heat treatment or surface hardening processes. These components, if heated to high austenitizing temperatures, would simply warp so badly that they could not be used or salvaged after heat treatment due to excessive warpage and distortion.

The best solution for some distortion-prone components is to completely avoid heating these materials to temperatures where the material will undergo transformations such as austenitizing or hardening.  

Low-Temperature Surface Hardening Processes 

Bluewater offers several low-temperature surface hardening processes such as Nitriding and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC). These processes involve diffusing either nitrogen alone or nitrogen and carbon together into the surface of a ferrous material. The nitrogen will combine with iron or alloying elements to create a hardened surface case of iron nitride compound or alloy nitrides which harden the surface and provides wear resistance, galling resistance, and increased strength.   

Because these processes can be performed on finished machined parts with little to no distortion, they are popular treatments for distortion-prone parts, such as stampings, fine blanking, automotive seating components, rocker arms, valve guides, engine valves, clutch plates, transmission plates, crankshafts, forging dies, die casting dies, extrusion dies, gearing, piston rings and other distortion- prone geometries.

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