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The Benefits of Using Bluewater Thermal Solutions for Induction Hardening

There are many different companies, both large and small, offering heat treating services to OEMs across the country. While often the basics of the processes are the same, there are some very important factors that make Bluewater Thermal Solutions a superior choice for OEMs in many different industries. These industries include automotive, aerospace, medical and dental equipment as well as heavy equipment and the energy sectors.

We focus on heat treating solutions for all types of metals, including standard alloys and metals as well as the exotics. Our induction hardening solutions can be customized to the exacting standards our customers require, and every part we heat treat will be quality inspected and will not leave our facilities unless it meets the specific industry and OEM requirements.

Large Volume Capacity

A significant advantage we offer OEMs is the speed with which we can provide these high-quality heat treated parts. Several of our facilities across the United States offer induction hardening services, so we can maximize throughput of your order, even for extremely high-volume production requirements.

Additionally, through specializing different heat treatment options in designated facilities, we are able to gather experienced equipment operators, engineers, and state-of-the-art equipment to further increase production, boost quality control throughout processing as well as help to cut costs of processing.

Lower Prices

We focus on providing the best induction hardening services at the best prices in the industry. We can reduce pricing for our customers through our expertise, experience, and equipment. With automated systems and customized approaches to induction heating treatments to treat very specific areas of a part or component, our processes are cost-effective. We can also provide the specific depth of surface hardening required for any given part, which can also help in keeping the price per unit as low as possible.

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