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Get Superior Results with Bluewater Thermal Solutions’ Furnace Brazing

At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we work with OEMs from around the world to create high-quality brazed parts. For many of our customers, the best option for production of brazed parts is through our atmosphere mesh belt brazing process. This is furnace brazing taken to a completely new level with highly accurate, precisely controlled movements of the parts through an atmosphere controlled furnace for perfect brazing on every part.

The Case for Furnace Brazing

The obvious advantage to furnace brazing is the ability to mass-braze large numbers of parts in a continuous process. This allows the furnace to be maintained in the specific temperature range required. As the parts move through the furnace in precise time, there is uniform heating and cooling, virtually eliminating any distortion from exposure to the heat.

We also offer several different ways to apply the brazing paste. Our robotic system, pneumatic placement through a cartridge or a syringe, or positive displacement with an applicator gun allow for precise, uniform application of the paste as well as extremely fast and continuous part prep.

We often recommend furnace brazing when there are multiple joins required for a part or component, or when there are different metals and different metal thicknesses. Our team can configure the process to provide full quality brazed joints which are stronger than the surrounding metal and offer a superior joint to other options, including manual brazing techniques.

In addition to brazing, we also offer a full range of associated secondary processes as well as full preparation of the parts prior to brazing. Just let us know what you need, and we can discuss options.

To learn more about the atmosphere mesh brazing services we offer, get in touch with us today at 1-877-990-0050.