Furnace Brazing Aluminum Services in Michigan

January 18, 2019 | Technical Articles

At Bluewater Thermal, we provide brazing services that include furnace brazing and assembly of engineered aluminum components. You can count on our experience, personnel, and resources to provide you with high quality services that cover your requirements pertaining to furnace brazing aluminum. Michigan customers can benefit significantly from the brazing process we employ to achieve optimum results.

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Furnace Brazing

During the course of furnace brazing, metal components are connected together through a semi-automated process in which a similar lower filler metal is utilized. Furnace brazing allows the joining together of complex or simple designs involving a single joint or multiple joint assemblies.

One of the most frequent types of furnace brazing aluminum is carried out within a vacuum furnace. This process is referred to as vacuum brazing. During the process, parts are cleaned, the surfaces to be joined receive a brazing filler metal, and subsequently put into the furnace. After the air has been removed from the furnace, the complete assembly is raised to a brazing temperature in order to prevent contamination or oxidation from occurring when the braze filler metal melts and travels into the joints.

Our Brazing Process

The standard assembly steps involved in brazing, including the design of the joint, the development of a gap for capillary filling, sanitation of metal surfaces, component assembly, brazing filler metal in a preform or paste form, and it requires a cooling and heating cycle. The furnace heating cycle is designed to permit the braze filler metal to be melted, the capillary flow of the liquid braze filler metal to fill up the joint completely, and finally, cooling that permits the solidification of the filler metal in the joint with the joining of the assembly together. The heating methods utilized are based on the size of the components involved and the required production rates.

At Bluewater Thermal, we use pneumatic placement through a cartridge or syringe, positive displacement through an applicator gun, and automated robot systems for the application of brazing pastes. The most cost-effective methods of applying brazing paste are through beading or continuous stripes. The techniques we employ help determine the most cost-effective method according to the type of paste used.

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