Considerations When Choosing Vacuum Heat Treatment Services

July 02, 2018 | Technical Articles

At Bluewater Thermal, we offer a full-range of heat treatments service to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers across North America. We are able to offer everything from induction hardening to vacuum heat treatment services through the use of our facilities, each with their own specialized services.

The Bluewater Thermal Difference

With this business model, we can provide state-of-the-art equipment, and highly skilled technicians, engineers, and operators at each facility. Specialization of services within our network also allows us to maximize the processing of orders, meaning short turnaround times and a top industry reputation for on-time deliveries of small to large volume orders.

Not all heat treatment companies are able to produce large volumes of vacuum heat treatment services. We are able to offer this to our customers with our custom equipment, which includes the use of automated systems to control all aspects of the process precisely. This includes loading a specific number of parts into the furnace, as well as removing the air to create a precise vacuum for the removal of reactive gases from the chamber.

Equipment used in vacuum heat treatment services has to be precisely designed and maintained. It is crucial to ensure the pumping system removes the air and reactive components to a level where there will be no reaction during the heat treatment process.

The result will be a bright surface on the metal that will not require additional polishing or finishing. This is an ideal solution as it allows for bulk heat treatment using automated systems, helping to reduce the cost of the process while eliminating the need for additional finishing.

We can provide vacuum heat treatment and other heat treatment services to the standards and requirements of our customers across all industries. For more information, call our staff today at 877.990.0050.

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