Automated Brazing Compound Application

Bluewater Thermal Solutions brazes many high-volume automotive component assemblies. The application of the liquid brazing pastes into the assembly joints has been automated in order to reduce costs, improve turnaround time, ensure repeatable application of the media, and make the process error-proof by removing the human element.

The automation of this operation allows Bluewater to reduce costs by eliminating a manual operation where human operators would otherwise be applying brazing pastes by hand using syringes. The automated application of brazing pastes allows for quick application to be performed in just seconds by a machine compared to paying for hours of costly labor that would be required to manually prepare the assemblies.

Large production runs can be turned around quickly as the brazing paste application is no longer the most time-consuming operation in the process flow. Automotive manufacturers are constantly under cost pressures in this highly competitive marketplace. Bluewater’s automated brazing operations allow our customers to reduce their overall manufacturing costs and remain competitive in a global market.

Applying the brazing pastes into assembly joints is a critical operation and must be performed correctly on every joint. Failure to apply the proper amount of brazing media or missing a joint completely could mean these joints will fail and break apart in the field when strained under load. With automated machines applying the proper amount of paste into each and every joint on millions of assemblies per year, Bluewater can assure the best quality and reduce the chances of a field failure. Manual application of brazing pastes into millions of joints is a tedious operation, and human operators are always prone to errors and missing operations.

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