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Critical Aspects of Our Brazing Aluminum Services

At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, brazing aluminum is one of the specialized services we offer. This is a highly effective option in creating strong, durable joints in aluminum, or when joining aluminum and another metal or alloy.

This is a process which can be completed manually, or under full automation. At several of our locations, we have specialized, state-of-the-art equipment for brazing aluminum that allows us to offer this service at a very competitive price. Additionally, with automated and continuous mesh belt brazing, we can complete large production orders with a very short turnaround time, ideal for one-off orders or ongoing, regular orders from OEMs of all sizes.

Important Features

The use of continuous mesh belt furnaces at our Bluewater Thermal Solutions facilities means higher rates of production. This, in turn, means a lower cost per unit which we pass on to our customers.

Additionally, with these continual brazing aluminum processes, we use an automated paste application system. This ensures the correct amount of paste is applied to the joint in exactly the right location. With the robotic system, every part and component is brazed precisely the same, without the slight deviations found with manual application of the filler and pre-brazing processing of the parts. Other options for the application of brazing paste include an applicator gun as well as pneumatic applications using a cartridge or a syringe.

The result is a quality end product that meets the required tolerances and standards. This level of quality control eliminates waste, and simplified the installation of the component, without the need for modifications by assembly teams.

Of course, we work closely with your in-house design or engineering team to ensure the ideal joint design, correct gapping for capillary filling, pre-process cleaning of the metals as well as determining the optimal heating and cooling cycle based on the specifics of the aluminum parts.

For more information on our aluminum brazing services, or to discuss your next order requirements, give us a call at 877-990-0050.