Aluminum Engine Blocks Heat Treatment

Bluewater specializes in the heat treatment of aluminum engine blocks for automobiles along with other aluminum castings. Bluewater has two different facilities that are equipped with fully automated robotic material handling to transfer engine blocks from incoming customer dunnage through the different furnaces and quenching, and then back into outgoing customer dunnage. This is the most efficient way to perform high volume heat treatment of large aluminum castings such as an engine block for automobiles.

Bluewater currently processes a variety of different 4 and 6 cylinder engine blocks for General Motors and Ford.

About Our Process

The heat treatment consists of solution annealing, rapid gas quenching and then precipitation age hardening to a final set of required hardness and strength properties. Hardness inspection can be performed on 100% of the castings using an automated Brinell hardness test machine to ensure all castings meet the required properties before shipment.

These furnaces are very large size, fully automated, and have the capacity to process thousands of engine blocks per day using minimal labor and human resources or interaction with the process.

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