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A Trusted Provider Among Oil and Gas Heat Treating Companies Serving Houston

At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we offer a range of services for treating metal components utilized in the oil and energy industries, including metal joining, thermal processing, and coating services. Throughout the worldwide energy market, our process and metallurgical engineers possess a solid understanding of the material requirements and processes necessary to meet a wide range of customer needs. As a premier provider among oil and gas heat treating companies, Houston businesses can rely on our team for the heat treating services they need on a consistent basis.

Heat Treating

The heat treatment process utilizes heat imposed at different levels in order to modify the physical properties of the material, often steel or aluminum. This process is performed in large industrial furnaces that operate under temperatures over 2,000°F.

You can expect experienced oil and gas heat treating companies to carry out heat treatment processes in the following manner:

  1. An item is transferred into a heat treatment cell, and then into the first furnace.

  2. The item is exposed to a predesignated temperature, and soaked in that temperature for a specified period of time.

  3. The item is transferred out of the furnace and quenched down to another predetermined temperature. This cool down often occurs very quickly.

  4. After quenching is completed, the item is transferred into a second furnace where it undergoes another cycle of heating and soaking at a predetermined temperature in order to perfect its physical properties.

The heat treating process as explained above is performed by many oil and gas heat treating companies, but there are other benefits heat treatment services can deliver in order to produce the desired properties in a particular part. As an example, you may require high hardness and abrasion resistance characteristics in a part, which can be provided by certain heat treating services. If a particular combination of ductility and high strength is required, heat treating services can deliver such results.

As a premier provider of oil and gas heat treating solutions, we are ready to serve your heat treating requirements in a number of different industries, including construction, automotive, medical, aviation, and energy. For more information about our services, call us today at 877.990.0050 or request a quote on our website.