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Southwest Heat Treatment Plant

API Standards

We are capable of meeting the stringent requirements of API standards required by the oil and gas industry. We also offer on-site straightening presses, sawing capacity, mechanical testing and hardness testing to fit your exact requirements.

Southwest Heat Treatment

Industrial Heat Treating

Our plant is qualified to meet your most demanding process specifications and requirements.

    Our Services

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant

    Quench and Tempering

    Our furnaces are capable of performing austenitizing, quenching and tempering of material to increase the hardness and strength of the material.

    Southwest Heat Treatment


    A specialized heat treatment that alters the microstructure of a material by austenitizing and slow cooling used to homogenize material along with reducing hardness and making the material more workable.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant

    Polymer, Water, and Air Quenching

    Designed to improve the hardness and strength of steel and iron, our plant is equipped with water and polymer quenching capabilities for long bar, tube and plates.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant

    Hardness Testing

    With advanced equipment and procedures, our skilled technicians use Rockwell and Brinell testing to determine product hardness and durability.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant

    Stress Relieving

    A heat treatment process designed to relieve residual stress in metal and metal components.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant


    A high temperature heat treatment that is performed to homogenize and improve the mechanical properties of material.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant

    Age Hardening

    A process used to increase the tensile and yield strength of materials including PH stainless steel, nickel-based alloys and aluminum alloys.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant

    Solution Annealing

    A heat treatment process designed to create a single phase microstructure that is softer and easy to work and machine. Solution treating is performed prior to age hardening in order to ensure a proper hardening response during aging

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant


    Our facility provides state-of-the-art equipment used to properly stabilize metal components.

    texas energy lab test

    Mechanical Testing

    In our advanced testing lab, materials may be tested for mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, reduction of area, charpy impact toughness, and hardness..

    texas energy lab metallography

    Metallographic Testing

    Our skilled technicians use precise optical microscopy equipment for metallurgical evaluations with digital imaging capabilities.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant


    Our experienced technicians can straighten long lengths of bar, tubing, and shafts.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant

    Shot Blasting

    A process used to clean and remove scale, contamination and corrosion from the surface of metal parts.

    Southwest Heat Treatment Plant


    Our facility is fully equipped with furnaces needed to properly retemper any metal component that was previously mill hardened to mechanical properties that don’t match the required final properties desired by an end user of the steel.

    Stress Relieving Heat Treatment

    Our Capacity

    At Southwest Heat Treat, our staff is highly skilled in the heat treating and brazing industry. Our experienced technicians consistently provide unique solutions to problems, while exceeding our customer's expectations in terms of service and cost. In addition to quality service and unmatched processes, customers can enjoy around the clock shipping and receiving as well as our plant's full service capabilities, including: 

    Five Open Atmosphere Furnaces Three Straightening Presses Shot Blasting
    • 8' wide x 24.5' long x 5' high furnace work area
    • 20,000 lb. quench capacity (water, polymer, or air)
    • 25,000 lb. lift capacity
    • 400 ton gag straightener
    • 13" diameter capacity
    • 200 ton gag straightener
    • 6" diameter capacity bullet
    • 150 ton roll straightener 
    • 1"–3" diameter capacity
    • 20 cubic foot cabinet 
    • 500 lb. capacity


    Our Commitment to You

    • All work will be processed with equipment, meeting customer specifications with no deviation unless approved by the customer.
    • Customer requirements for heat treating will be strictly conformed to.
    • No deviation from any written procedures will be allowed without prior approval of Southwest Heat Treat and the customer.
    • A list of Quality Control Manuals will be maintained for customers if a written request is made.
    • All latest applicable customer specifications will be kept on file and will be available for reference.
    • Customer drawings will be maintained for reference while the work is being processed. If required, it  will be returned to the customer with the shipment of the work. If they are not required, drawings will be retained in the customer's file.
    • Southwest Heat Treat will comply with all customer material specification requirements and SPPE-1 Quality Control specifications.
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