Bluewater Thermal Solutions has extensive experience in assembly and furnace brazing of engineered components. Batch and continuous processing is utilized at several locations. Categories of atmosphere include Disassociated Ammonia, Exothermic, Hydrogen and Vacuum. Copper, Silver, and Nicro are among the materials utilized. Automated paste application is a specialty of Bluewater. We have facilities specializing in low to high volume production.

Bluewater’s brazing capabilities include:

Atmosphere Brazing

Dissociated ammonia

Dissociated ammonia atmosphere is utilized in heat treating applications which require high quality with close temperature control, high purity, and a protective environment. Read more


Our experts  utilize innovative exothermic braze technologies to generate the mass production, cost-effective fabrication of parts within the parameters of a highly efficient run time. Read more


This  technique is one of our most popular atmospheric brazing methods. When exercising this method, we place the metals to be joined in the brazing furnace Read more



Bluewater Thermal Solutions Vacuum Brazing method employs a heat treatment procedure in which metal assemblies are placed in a vacuum or chamber below atmospheric pressure. Read more


Bluewater’s technicians have comprehensive expertise in copper brazing. We can braze copper or copper alloys in a wet or dry hydrogen atmosphere and exothermic atmosphere. Read more


Nickel brazing

This process typically treats stainless steel and carbon steel assemblies with low temperature nickel brazing filler materials. Depending on the desired properties of the parts. Read more



Like most of Bluewater’s brazing techniques, nicro brazing involves joining two metal or alloy parts with the use of a brazing filler material. Read more



Paste brazing techniques differ from the other methods. However, the principle steps of brazing are similiar. These steps include joint design, the creation of a gap for capillary filling, surface sanitization of the metals and an appropriate heating technique. Read more



Silver brazing is one of the most popular services at Bluewater because it is one of the most versatile methods of metal joining in the industry and is used to join a wide variety of dissimilar metals, alloys and other materials. Read more


Preparations, Secondary Operations, Final Testing

  • Cleaning
  • Crimping
  • Laboratory testing
  • Leak testing
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • Press-fit assembly
  • Projection weld
  • Resistance weld
  • Staking

Powerful Solutions

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