2 New Facilities in Houston, TX

Bluewater expands its service offering, acquiring Southwest Heat Treat and Texas Energy Labs.


Material solutions for titanium, aluminum, alloys, and aerospace brazing needs.


Advanced manufacturing solutions for strict automotive requirements.


Materials and processes to withstand harsh environments in Energy exploration, refinement, generation, and distribution.

Heavy Equipment

Customized heat treatments and coatings for construction, mining, heavy truck, and agricultural equipment components.


Engineered solutions to meet the exacting mechanical and surface finish needs of the Medical market.

Navistar Engines

Working with the engineers at Navistar we developed an efficient heat treating process that improved throughput while reducing overall costs.

Solutions Supplied, Expectations Exceeded

Bluewater Thermal Solutions owns a multi-state network of commercial heat treatment and brazing plants.  With ten locations in the northern US and Canada, Bluewater provides thermal processing and metal joining to over 2,000 customers.  Bluewater processes components to stringent engineering specifications for the auto, truck, aerospace, construction & agriculture equipment end markets. Bluewater’s staff is the most experienced in the heat treating and brazing industry.  Providing solutions to our customers is where Bluewater exceeds.  Technical and economic challenges are welcome and are viewed as opportunities to utilize innovative heat treating and metal joining techniques to provide required component performance at a competitive cost.

Bluewater strives to exceed customers expectations in terms of service and total cost.  Our goal is to establish long term relationships with key OEM’s and their supply chains.  Bluewater has developed and operated dedicated heat treat and brazing facilities to provide long term solutions to specific customers.


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Expertise in Thermal Processing
We are heat-treating experts. We are ready to tackle the most complex engineering and manufacturing challenges.
State of the Art Automation
We develop and apply the most advanced automation applications in the industry to deliver the lowest total cost of manufacturing.
Supply Chain and Lean Manufacturing
We have years of experience partnering with global manufacturers and know how to manage the most complex supply chains.