Bluewater Thermal Solutions provides a wide variety of thermal processing for steel, stainless steel, cast irons, powder metals, titanium, aluminum, nickel-based alloys, and non-metallic materials.Bluewater locations operate a variety of equipment types and sizes that create immediate and long term solutions. Our solutions include, but are not limited to heat treating, brazing, selective hardening, coating, and value added services.

Heat Treatment

Most metal components require heat treating to meet the engineered requirements of their intended use. Bluewater Thermal Solutions provides heat treating processes at all 10 of its locations. These processes include Annealing, Normalizing, Neutral Hardening, Case Hardening, Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Nitriding, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, Austenitic Nitrocarburizing, Boronizing, Solution Treating, Age Hardening, and Stress Relieving – along with many derivations of these core processes. Processing Equipment Types include batch and large continuous furnace lines. Vacuum, Nitrogen, Endothermic, Exothermic, Nitrogen-Methanol, Dissociated Ammonia, Hydrogen, and Neutral Salt protective furnace atmospheres are available.


Bluewater Thermal Solutions has extensive experience of the assembly and furnace brazing of engineered components. Batch and continuous processing is utilized at several locations. Atmospheres include Dissociated Ammonia, Exothermic, Hydrogen and Vacuum. Copper, Silver, and Nicro are among the brazing materials utilized. Automated paste application is a specialty of Bluewater.

Selective Hardening

Bluewater has extensive capabilities in Induction processing for annealing and hardening. From small fasteners to large construction equipment components, we have engineered induction thermal processing solutions to meet many customers’ needs.


Bluewater Thermal Solutions uses the Tuff-Koat™ manufacturing process to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance of agricultural components. Field tests have shown dramatic improvement in service life of components operating in highly abrasive environments. Agricultural components such as tillers, choppers, sweeps, and flails can last three to six times longer in the field before needing replacement.

Value Added Services

Often there are upstream and downstream process steps to thermal processing that Bluewater Thermal Solutions offers to its customers to improve manufacturing turnaround, work flow, inventory management – all reducing total cost. These process steps include procurement of components, assembly, cleaning, grinding, machining, packaging and logistics.

Featured Case Studies

Customer Success Story – Navistar – Strategic Partnership (Heavy Equipment)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions, working with the engineers at Navistar, developed an efficient heat treating process that improved throughput while reducing overall costs.

Customer Success Story – Cummins Inc. – Thermal Process Optimization (Heavy Equipment)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions, working with the engineers at Cummins Engine, developed a new copper brazing process that improved reliability while reducing costs.

Customer Success Story – General Motors – Strategic Partnership (Automotive)

Design, build and operate a customized heat treatment facility for General Motors in order to minimize costs while meeting high volume demands

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