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Stress Relieving Heat Treating

Stress Relieving Heat Treating

Relieve residual stress with stress-relief heat treating

Stress relieving is a heat treatment process designed to relieve residual stresses that remain locked in a metal's structure as a consequence of a manufacturing sequence, such as bending, welding, grinding, rolling, cold working, solidication, quenching, stamping, and other operations.

Stress-relief heat treating is the uniform heating of a structure to a suitable subcritical temperature below the austentic transformation range, and then holding at this temperature for a predetermined period of time followed by uniform cooling. 

Elimination of residual stresses can be an important step to ensure the manufacturability of parts to proper size, fit, and function. The presence of excessive amounts of residual stresses in components can manifest into problems with size change or undesirable mechanical properties during subsequent manufacturing operations or during use in service.

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