Our team of Bluewater professionals can provide strategic assessments of internal and external processes to determine areas for improvement.  Our experienced Engineers, Operation Managers, and Business Development group provide support in collaborating with your team to optimize thermal processes for improved efficiency, reduced cost and enhanced product quality.

Strategic Assessment

A thorough evaluation of thermal processes performed at your existing captive heat treat or outsourced thermal processing will be performed. Recommendations made for cost reductions, quality improvement and supply chain efficiency improvements are deliverables from the strategic assessment. We can provide an alternative to continuing to make long term capital investments in non-core competencies areas, including thermal processing.

Collaborative Engineering Design

By inviting Bluewater professionals to contribute during your design phase, it will assist in the selection of a robust, lean process. We will be present to collaborate with your engineers during prototyping, field testing, and advanced product quality planning.

Thermal Process Optimization

Existing thermal processes often need to be updated to the latest technologies and practices to reduce production expenses and the cost of quality. Minimal changes can lead to major benefits.

Strategic Partnership

We are experienced in establishing partnerships with our customers in a variety of scenarios. Whether it is inside a current Bluewater facility, establishing a new Bluewater facility in your area, or inside your production location, we will partner with you to realize a solution that works best. We have the resources and are committed to provide innovative solutions that lead to the highest value proposition.

Product Quality Enhancement

Exceptional process controls and a dedication to details combined with our robust quality system ensures predictability, repeatability, and sustainability. Our commitment to continual improvement combined with the execution of our policies and procedures drives us towards our goal of total customer satisfaction.

Featured Case Studies

Customer Success Story – Navistar – Strategic Partnership (Heavy Equipment)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions, working with the engineers at Navistar Corpoation, developed an efficient heat treating process that improved throughput while reducing overall costs.

Customer Success Story – Cummins Inc. – Thermal Process Optimization (Heavy Equipment)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions, working with the engineers at Cummins Engine, developed a new copper brazing process that improved reliability while reducing costs.

Customer Success Story – General Motors – Strategic Partnership (Automotive)

Design, build and operate a customized heat treatment facility for General Motors in order to minimize costs while meeting high volume demands

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