Selective Tempering

Bluewater uses selective tempering as a reheating treatment technique to temper select parts of metals and metal alloys in order to achieve different degrees of hardness within the same component for a subsequent improvement in robustness and quality. This process is utilized on parts that have already been hardened and is accomplished by reheating specific hardened portions, followed by a slow cooling procedure of those same areas. Our technicians keep a variety of factors in mind when employing selective tempering because most metals pass through a variety of transformations which can affect ductility and hardness of the worked metals.

Selective Tempering Properties

  • Greater toughness/ductility from lowered hardness of the materials
  • Controlled reheating time and controlled temperature
  • Short heating cycle times

Selective Tempering Applications

  • Knives that need very hard edges but ductile body
  • Shank portions of tools
  • Springs
  • Axles
  • Used to reduce localized hardness of areas that may require post-heat treatment machining

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