Nicro Brazing

Like most of Bluewater’s brazing techniques, nicro brazing involves joining two metal or alloy parts with the use of a brazing filler material. However, nicro brazing goes a step further than our typical brazing processes in that the families of the filler materials utilized in nicro brazing are new innovative metals that have been created by trade experts to satisfy the exacting demands of changing industry standards. Nicro brazing is also suitable for advanced product specifications and industrialized processes and procedures that necessitate certain technical and commercial regulations.

Nicro Brazing Properties

  • Nicro brazing materials are free flowing even in a soft vacuum or protective atmosphere
  • Provides enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Allows for exceptional joint strength
  • Improved substrate structural integrity
  • Filler materials are available as powders, rods or pastes
  • Large production runs
  • Simple or complex parts and components
  • Nicro brazing materials are stronger and survive higher temperatures than other filler materials
  • Nicro brazes are nickel-based brazing alloys

Nicro Brazing Applications

  • Typically can be used on silver and copper based alloy compositions
  • All types of stainless steels
  • Alloys high in chromium, aluminum, and titanium, non-stainless steels
  • Automotive parts
  • Heat transfer equipment parts

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