Metallurgical Laboratory Inspection

Bluewater Thermal Solutions help our clients improve their processes, procedures and overall end products through the use of a variety of innovative metallurgical laboratory inspectionservices which can accurately evaluate a substance’s compliance with the most stringent of product specifications.   The metallurgical testing amenities we provide include the following;  mechanical and physical testing, chemical and failure analysis, compliance and corrosion testing, reverse engineering services, witness testimony, etc. These categories include a variety of tests such as: Rockwell hardness testing, Vickers microhardness testing, case depth testing, carbide formation testing, etc.

During the testing we preform, our technicians keep comprehensive records and provide detailed data of the apposite material’s adherence to our client’s desired specifications and processes. We here at Bluewater Thermal Solutions employ state of the art equipment in our metallurgical laboratory testing procedures and can provide a complete list of our product services upon request.

Metallurgical Laboratory Inspection Properties

  •   Improves existing processes and procedures
  •   Provides insight into highly technical issues
  •   We can certify products and provide adequate testing solutions
  •   Can perform everything from routine analysis to complex comprehensive part analysis
  •   Can perform high volume inspections or grain size analyses
  •   Saves time and energy by finding and eliminating component ad product deficiencies and inadequacies

Metallurgical Laboratory Inspection Applications

  •   Metal production industries
  •   Insurance companies
  •   Legal Professionals
  •   Aerospace manufacturers
  •   Nuclear manufacturers
  •   Most other manufacturers

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