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Material solutions for titanium, aluminum, alloys, and aerospace brazing needs.


Advanced manufacturing solutions for strict automotive requirements.


Materials and processes to withstand harsh environments in Energy exploration, refinement, generation, and distribution.

Heavy Equipment

Customized heat treatments and coatings for construction, mining, heavy truck, and agricultural equipment components.


Engineered solutions to meet the exacting mechanical and surface finish needs of the Medical market.

Navistar Engines

Working with the engineers at Navistar we developed an efficient heat treating process that improved throughput while reducing overall costs.


Whether it be Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Medical, Heavy Equipment or any other industry, the Bluewater team has developed solutions to the most stringent needs in all markets.


Our team of engineers provide advanced manufacturing process solutions specializing in automation, material handling, process control, streamlined material flow applications servicing stringent automotive requirements.


Whether it’s the frame, the wing, the engine, or the seat bracket, we understand your needs and can solve your processing challenges. Our team is available to develop material solutions for titanium, aluminum, nickel-based alloys, and aerospace brazing needs.


Meeting our global energy needs for exploration, refinement, generation, and distribution requires special materials and processes. Our metallurgical and process engineers excel in developing solutions for wear and corrosion in these severe environments.

Heavy Equipment

Our team designs specialized heat treatments and utilizes coatings to extend the useful wear life of components present in construction, mining, heavy truck and agricultural equipment. Improvements to mechanical properties, wear life, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and fatigue life are made to ensure performance is maximized in the field.


Whether it’s a titanium hip implant, dental tool, or a stainless steel surgical device utilized in the procedure, our team stands in the ready to get those components meeting your stringent mechanical and surface finish conditions.

Featured Case Studies

Customer Success Story – Navistar – Strategic Partnership (Heavy Equipment)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions, working with the engineers at Navistar, developed an efficient heat treating process that improved throughput while reducing overall costs.

Customer Success Story – Cummins Inc. – Thermal Process Optimization (Heavy Equipment)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions, working with the engineers at Cummins Engine, developed a new copper brazing process that improved reliability while reducing costs.

Customer Success Story – General Motors – Strategic Partnership (Automotive)

Design, build and operate a customized heat treatment facility for General Motors in order to minimize costs while meeting high volume demands

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