Customer Success Story – Navistar – Strategic Partnership (Heavy Equipment)

Bluewater Thermal Solutions, working with the engineers at Navistar, Indiana, developed an efficient heat treating process that improved throughput while reducing overall costs. This case highlights one of Bluewater’s solution offerings to OEM’s – to help them achieve a competitive cost position for the manufacture of engineered materials and components.

customer success story

Navistar was shipping annually 33 million annual pounds a distance of 5 hours away by truck to Bluewater’s heat treating operation in Northlake, Illinois. Looking to significantly reduce transportation costs while also improving overall efficiency, Navistar partnered with Bluewater to develop a dedicated plant that would provide a full range of heat treating processes for Navistar’s engine blocks.  

Bluewater designed and procured special equipment to meet Navistar’s production needs of 70,000 engine blocks per year. Special consideration was also given to the plant’s overall layout with a focus on efficient material handling, inventory management, and transportation logistics. This also included the build-out of extra docks to allow Navistar customers to pick and pull trailers directly from the facility. Inventory was also maintained at Bluewater’s facility to support Navistar’s material flow.

customer success story

Solution Overview – Benefits of Thermal Process Optimization

Improved quality and reliability

  • Improved durability of braze joint in the field
  • Increased volume and throughput
  • Improved cleanliness of product

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

  • Reduced cost of product
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Reduced transportation cost

Cummins was able to work with Bluewater’s technical and engineering team to develop a new brazing method that improved durability and cleanliness, while reducing overall costs.