Atmosphere Brazing

Bluewater’s Atmosphere Brazing processes consists of brazing parts under inert protective atmospheres such as vacuum, hydrogen, dissociated ammonia or exothermic gas. The nature of the part, cost effectiveness, cleanliness and heating temperatures will determine which environment Bluewater utilizes. A clean surface is essential prior to any atmospheric brazing being performed so that we can reduce any surface oxidation and prevent scaling from occurring during a braze cycle which could negatively impact the braze joint’s integrity and strength. We have an extensive range of experience in atmospheric brazing and can help determine the atmosphere that works best for the material being brazed in order to ensure high quality parts.

Atmosphere Brazing Properties

  • Improves overall part quality and cleanliness
  • High volume cost-effective processing is possible
  • Eliminates expensive and costly part cleaning procedures

Atmosphere Brazing Applications

  • Often used with: steels, stainless steel, titanium, and nickel-based superalloys
  • Products that require exacting part quality such as: aerospace components, and medical devices

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