About Us

Ten facilities located throughout North America

Bluewater Thermal Solutions has numerous specialty operations designed to meet the needs of the thermal processing industry. We are the only commercial heat treater specializing in powder metal parts and we have the only U.S. license for Tuff-Koat™. These capabilities along with many others designate Bluewater Thermal Solutions as a leader in our industry capable of handling your metal processing needs.

Bluewater Thermal Solutions leverages its size and technology with cost effective, high-volume capacity. Our geographical diversity of multiple facilities, depth of metallurgical experience, and ability to provide internal backup to our other facilities, allows you to concentrate on what you do best. This flexible support structure allows work transference within our technology framework with no loss of quality.

Bluewater Thermal Solutions is based in Greenville, South Carolina. The company is a collection of legacy businesses that were assembled into one company. Many of the business units have been in business for nearly fifty-years. The management team is a diverse collection of talents and degrees specializing in industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and many more. Our team of solutions specialists will assist in developing an engineering proposal for you.